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The Seeds of Deskguru

As an employee in my previous roles I had always struggled with mental health and often times felt powerless to do much about it. It had effected my relationships with coworkers and played into the hands of office politics which I despised with a vengeance.

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An Introduction to Employee Wellness

Employee wellness in the workplace has traditionally been pushed to the background in favour of efficiency and productivity. Starting from the industrial revolution as we moved from the fields to the factories workers have been treated more like machine than human…

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Mental Health in the Workplace

As our lives get more hectic with an ‘always on’ culture, technology invades our lives where previously we had time to breath and escape from the pressures of work. The modern workplace makes it harder than ever before to find the time for our own mental health.

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Physical Health in the Workplace

The now infamous quote ‘sitting is the new smoking’ comes to mind when first thinking about the changes we have seen in the workplace over the past 100 years. We have moved from the fields, to the factories, to the office…

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Focus & Productivity in the Workplace

The modern workplace is full of distractions. Over the past few years the business landscape has been transformed with the rise of many instant, realtime communication tools. This has taken over from more traditional ways of communicating such as in person meetings and email…

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The Importance of Social Health at Work

In the last in this series we will be looking at how the social health of a company can effect the overall wellbeing of the organisation as well as the individual. This can take many forms and is a complex lattice of cultural norms which make up how a company comes together as a whole.

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The Future of Work with Deskguru

In this series we have looked at how mental and physical health as well as productivity and social wellbeing effect our day-to-day work life and the accumulative impact this has on our workplace happiness, engagement and general wellbeing.

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