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My slack is already noisy, will it distract me more?

We know Slack can be a distracting place and we don’t want to add any more noise than there already is. We offer flexible, customisable messaging to fit into your work routine. We hope our tools will help you become more focused, calm and productive as a result, not less.


I'm not sure I'll use all of the features, does that matter?

We know everyone works differently and has unique needs, so we’ve made DeskGuru fully customisable for your own work style and rhythm. Each feature is easy to turn on and off to suit your taste so we don’t bug you. Only use what you find valuable, but give them a go it might surprise you!

Are you available on mobile as well as desktop?

DeskGuru has been built for Slack so its content is available through all of Slacks channels, including web, desktop and mobile apps. It works where you work, including on mobile! Interact with DeskGuru at home or on the move, it’ll be the same great experience where ever you are.


I’m an individual and not in a team. Can I still use this?

Of course! DeskGuru is available to anyone with a Slack account. It doesn’t matter if you’re 1 person or 500 people, you get the same quality content and service. Just install it to your account and we message you directly without interfering with any of your other channels. We do hope you share it around though as it’s even better if everyone is just as focused and mindful as you are.

What kind of content will I receive with the app?

We strive for simple, approachable and accessible content that anyone on your team can enjoy. We want to avoid it feeling cheesy or “too hippy”. All of our content is produced in-house to a high standard. We deliver our meditation and stretching routines using HD video and audio to offer you the best experience. Sign up to be the first to receive our routines.


I already have health and fitness apps, do I need another?

We don’t want to fully replace your health routines but support them! Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get you moving in the right direction. We want to offer simple daily habits which fit around your day. There’s no messing about with other apps or forgetting to open it up at the right time. DeskGuru comes to you at the perfect moment. Simple yet satisfying.

Will my team use it and how do I know if it’s working?

We hope to produce content that appeals to the diverse range of people working at your company. Things are simple, straight forward and to the point. Our holistic approach to team wellness means there’s something for everyone, no matter their taste. We’re working hard on bringing analytical insights into the product to measure its effects on morale, productivity and health. Stay tuned for exciting things to come here!


Do I really need to make sure my employees are healthy?

As we are shifting toward a remote, working from home culture its becoming more and more apparent that we need to look after our employees mental and physical health. It’s easy to forget to keep your wellness in mind when working alone at home. There’s no one there to remind you to take a break, get up and stretch or head home at the end of the day. We’re here to help you build mindfulness into your business with minimal setup.Simple yet satisfying.

What kind of ROI can I expect using your tool?

Mindful meditation, physical health and well timed breaks can significantly increase focus, productivity and workplace mood. We hope to increase productivity meaning more profit per employee, decrease overall employee churn due to wellbeing being prioritised and help to reduce employee burnout meaning less sick days. Finally as we all know, happy employees make happy customers and what could offer more ROI than that?

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