The Future of Work with Deskguru

By Olly Thomas

What have we learnt in the series?

In this series we have looked at how mental and physical health as well as productivity and social wellbeing effect our day-to-day work life and the accumulative impact this has on our workplace happiness, engagement and general wellbeing. At Deskguru we believe wellness should be prioritised within an organisation and companies should be serious about investing in the health and happiness of their people. Studies have foundagain and again that happy employees make the best employees boosting retention rates, productivity and engagement having a very real impact for your revenue and brand.

As we shift into a new paradigm of work distributed teams are starting to change the landscape of how we approach communication, collaboration and work-life balance. We believe organisations need a new set of tools to deal with this paradigm shift in the way we work and live. Remote work allows for the flexibility and autonomy to make wellness a top priority. We hope to help employees develop small daily habits that turn into longterm lifestyle changes, making huge differences in their everyday lives at home and in their company.


What are the key take aways?

To summarise our findings:

  • Practice small daily mindfulness exercises to keep your mind free from stress and anxiety, at the same time helping with focus and productivity.
  • Keep physically active during the day by stretching and walking throughout your workday.
  • Take well timed breaks between focused and distraction free work sessions.
  • Be intentional when to get distracted and when to focus. Mute your notifications to get some deep and meaningful work done.
  • Keep social when you can. Be pro-active in your companies culture. If you need face to face time join a coworking space or team up with some other remote workers.
  • Mix up your location to keep your mind fresh. Visit your local coffee shop and get out of the house.

What is our mission now, and our vision for the future?

At Deskguru our mission is to build workplace tools to improve employee wellbeing by encouraging healthy daily habits. To do this we want to make simple and approachable software that fits into your daily workflows. Our longterm vision is to help build happy, healthy, productive and mindful companies for the future of work.


What’s next?

We’re busy creating our first version of the product and so we would love for you to join us in our mission. Join our wait list and be one of the first to try out our products- we’d love to hear your feedback.

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