build happy, healthy & mindful teams

Mindfulness, stretching and wellness routines for you and your company. DeskGuru is the Slack integration for building healthier workplace habits.


It’s not hippy shit, it’s science. Meditation has been proven to help reduce stress, increase focus and amp up your productivity. DeskGuru sends you simple mindfulness lessons when you decide, so you can bring your best self to work. Give it a shot, you might be surprised.

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Long periods of inactivity has been shown to seriously decrease your mental and physical health. DeskGuru delivers you straightforward, approachable stretching techniques that get you moving. You don’t need sweatpants and lycra to be a healthier human.

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Struggling to unplug from work is a major cause of stress and burnout. DeskGuru delivers you timely reminders to take breaks and gives you a nudge when it’s the end of your day. It’s fully customisable for your work style so we don’t bug you for no reason.

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Made for Slack

We send you content directly to your Slack exactly when you want it, in the place you already spend your day. Simply add the Slack app to your account. Use as an individual or company to build happy, healthy and mindfulness teams.

Fully Customisable

We know everyone works differently, so we’ve made DeskGuru fully customisable for your own work style and rhythm. Each feature is easy to turn on and off to suit your preferences. We help you build healthy workplace habits

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